Diversity Fund

Created in the 2016-2017 academic year, the Diversity Fund is an initiative between the Division of Student Affairs and the unit of Multicultural Services. The fund was created specifically to encourage and promote programming, travel, collaborations, and community work seeking to promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice at Missouri State University.

Interested parties must attend an information session for the diversity fund before applying. After the session, individuals, groups, or student organizations interested in receiving funds are required to submit a funding request, including description and a budget outline. 

Sessions will take place the first and last Wednesday of each month:

September 6th 1pm-2pm, MRC Annex

September 27th 1pm-2pm, MRC PSU

October 4th 1pm-2pm, MRC Annex

October 25th 1pm-2pm, MRC PSU

November 1st 1pm-2pm, MRC Annex

November 29th 1pm-2pm, MRC PSU

December 5th 1pm-2pm, MRC Annex

Examples of past funding:

  • Travel costs for Spectrum and Advocates to attend the Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Ally College Conference
  • Food, decorations, and room reservations for the Black History Month and Asian Heritage Month banquets
  • Travel and honorarium for PanHellenic Association speakers
  • Supplies and reservations for the Indian Student Association's Holi Festival

Please email the Diversity Fund (Diversitygrant@missouristate.edu) with any questions.